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Land Of Gods: ÒRÚN (teaser)

The Epic world of ÒRÚN is periled with a war between the Yoruba Pantheons. Khashiya, a human girl who accidentally finds herself trapped in this magical world must find her way back home, but little does she know she is destined to bring peace to the 9 realms of ORUN and discover an even deeper spirit power within her. Based off Best Selling Vortex Comic titled Land Of Gods; ÒRÚN co-creators Somto Ajuluchukwu & Janica Barnett brings the beautiful world of African mythology to the world through an unforgettable adventure like non other.

Produced by VX Animation / VX Studios.
Music by Kyrian Asher under exclusive license to VX Music. Copyright 2022 VX Animation.
All rights reserved Vortex Corp. Registered as Vortex Creative Nigeria LTD.

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