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Black Rain is a Afrofuturistic Drama animated short film which takes a deep dive into the fantasy world of ESAN invaded by the Bell Conglomerate for their natural resource called MANA! Boubini’s life changes drastically when the Bell Conglomerate invade his home planet Esan, for its rare mineral called Mana. Idolising his father the Chieftain Binatu of the tribe, Boubini desires to also become a binatu warrior, so he can bring peace back to his people. Little does he know even greater spirits rest within him yet to be awoken.

Boubini's story is inspired by the tragic events of the IJAW tribe in the Niger-Delta, Nigeria hit by an unprecedented environmental disaster caused by a company’s oil spills.

Donors supporting the production of the short film will help bring awareness to the under privileged children and members in the polluted region.  BLACK RAIN is really about using animation as a tool to bring about positive change in the environmental sector.


On the project are Executive Producer Rad Sechrist(creator of Netflix's Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts) and Supervisors Andy Cung(storyboard artist for Cartoon Network & Netflix) and Chris Amick (writer for Adult Swim, Dreamworks).

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