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ZODIAC: Valley Of The LIE

It’s graduation day for Dankaran Keita at the University of Lagos! 4 years of friendship and beautiful memories, 4 years of college drama, intense course-work and studying rocks, 4 years of discovering he holds unfathomable powers of a celestial DOGON warrior who manifests his powers in the 12 zodiac signs beyond metaphysical imagination... 4 years of fighting an Ancient Egyptian dynasty lead by Pharaoh Khufu who would burn the world to possess the powers of the Zodiac… 4 years of keeping it a secret. When his close friend ARA goes missing after a cult raid on school grounds, Danka’s investigation leads him across both the realm of spirits and men to confront an unexpected enemy - his very own conscience.

Starring David Ajala (Star Trek: Discovery)
Based on characters from a VX Comics original “Zodiac” created by Somto Ajuluchukwu

Copyright 2022 VX Animation. All rights reserved Vortex Corp. Registered as Vortex Creative Nigeria LTD.

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